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Checkbox Consulting is a firm that specializes in hands on/virtual assistance and coaching in clutter management and organization and online business management. In other words, Checkbox Consulting specializes in bringing order to your life and business, one checkbox at a time.

It has been said time and time again - your physical space embodies and impacts your emotional and mental state. So when your home office is in disarray, your bedroom has clothes (dirty and clean) and miscellaneous items thrown around the room haphazardly, or your basement and garage are the stomping grounds for all things you’ll “get to later,” it’s possible you also may be overwhelmed, anxious, stressed or disempowered in one or many areas of your life. 

Checkbox Consulting was born out of an interest to provide support, strategies and solutions to those individuals, families or businesses that don’t have the time, space, energy or wherewithal to handle the “stuff”: the piles of papers that continue to stack up, the hand-me-downs that are finally ready to be donated or the emails that never cease.  We’re here to make a difference for those clients who are ready, willing and able to get into action and get organized!

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together, we'll look at how disorganization is impacting your life and explore what would make the difference to have you free from overwhelm and stress. in addition, we'll tackle the areas that are your biggest pain points, discuss and implement a plan of action and celebrate your accomplishments!

action plans & accountability

action plans are strategic objectives created based on your timeline that include what steps you'll take, your goals, and everything in between. once action plans are established, we'll create an accountability plan where i'll support you throughout our time together.

processes & goals

throughout our time together, you'll learn how to create systems, processes and goals to maintain your organization.  you'll be able to bring these tools into every area of your life and will begin to see the difference organization makes!

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Christina's expertise in life transition management helped me stay focused on the tasks needed to properly close out my family's businesses and estate after my father died. I was busy enough learning how to be a mom to my twin boys!

Dealing with grief is hard. Having to unwind someone else's finances with little instruction is hard. Doing them at the same time felt impossible. I'm so grateful for Christina's guidance, encouragement, and professionalism.

Nicole F

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