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christina miser

founder & president

Hey there! I’m Christina Miser - the hand that checks each box for Checkbox Consulting. I started this company with the intention to provide a service to people who utter the words that stop them in their tracks:  

“I don’t know where to start.”


"I'm too overwhelmed and need help."

For those yearning for productivity and are defeated by their disorganization, I offer peace of mind and a sense of accomplishment. Whether your closet is bursting with un-worn clothes and miscellaneous non-closet items, your garage is overflowing with boxes of “stuff” that go unused, 13,000 unread emails that’s causing you to miss the important messages or a home/business office that has paper everywhere, my goal is to provide you with partnership and a sense of ease.

I get it!

Projects and life transitions can be overwhelming, but Checkbox Consulting has the solution:

The power of the checkbox. 

Professionally, I have 15 years of experience in executive administrative assistance, event and strategic planning, sales and marketing strategies and I continually participate in personal and professional development training. I relied on my checkboxes to successfully manage projects and tasks as an Executive Assistant in a high end Hotel, and I wore many different hats as Event & Program Manager for multiple event centers.

What project has you stopped in your tracks? Where do you need organizational assistance? Let me help you organize your life, one checkbox at a time. 

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christina's checklists

christina's checklist is my go-to resource to help you tackle overwhelming projects, help you get organized in different areas of your life, or just learn something new! 

I have guest checklisters periodically throughout the year to help us all learn how to do their specialty - anything from knitting to organizing your tax returns.

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