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one of the best parts of organizing is de-cluttering, where you can donate or responsibly recycle items that you have no use for anymore.  here's an extensive list of what's available both in austin and nation wide. i'm available to manage all of this for you, as well.


recycling options

best buy

electronics, appliances & ink cartridges


plastic bags, mp3 players, cell phones & ink cartridges


batteries, bulbs, mattresses, furniture & kitchen appliances

batteries plus bulb

batteries & bulbs

dispose my meds


austin resource recovery

recycling education

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frequently asked questions

How does Professional Organizing work?

There are many different ways that we can work together.  I'll customize a program for you, but generally the first step is to walkthrough what areas you'd like to tackle.  Throughout the process, we'll look at how to reduce the clutter, what systems to put in place and how to maintain the organization.

What's it like working with Checkbox Consulting?

We're going to have fun!  This process can be rigorous and emotional, but the purpose is to remove the overwhelm and stress that dis-organization is causing you.  So, I promise to make you laugh and keep you engaged and excited to do the work.

How long does it take to organize?

There are many different factors that go into this:

How big is the space? How much "stuff" do you have? What are we organizing - paper, digital, clothes, garage items, etc?

Keep in mind that this is rigorous work, emotionally, mentally and physically (which is why you haven't tackled it yet!).  I suggest doing a max of 4-5 hours a day, making sure you're drinking enough water and getting enough sleep.

How do I know what supplies I need?

Don't worry about that just yet!  We'll add that into the project plan.  Generally, I'll suggest ideas and either you can purchase those items, or I can do the work for you and add it into the final invoice.  Whatever makes your life easier!

How do you charge?

It depends on the project.  Generally, there will be a package cost, however, if it's a small amount of work, I'll charge by the hour.  I have a (3) hour minimum for any project at any given time.

Will you keep our work private?

I'm 100% confidential.  I will not discuss your work with colleagues or friends, and if we take pictures, I'll formally request your permission to post on social media, or use for any marketing materials.  You can count on me to be judgement free and drama-less.  Also, as a NAPO member, I automatically adhere to their Code of Ethics.

What are your company policies?

You can find my policies here.

Why should I choose Checkbox Consulting?

Enter the answer to your question here. Be thoughtful with your answer, write clearly and consider adding examples.

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Christina's expertise in life transition management helped me stay focused on the tasks needed to properly close out my family's businesses and estate after my father died. I was busy enough learning how to be a mom to my twin boys!

Dealing with grief is hard. Having to unwind someone else's finances with little instruction is hard. Doing them at the same time felt impossible. I'm so grateful for Christina's guidance, encouragement, and professionalism.

Nicole F

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