what can I do for you?

From DIY coaching to personal assistance through virtual means or in-person, I'd love to talk to you about what projects have you stuck. Contact me for a FREE consultation.


in-person services

This method is for you if:

You don’t have time or space to manage this project, and need an external party to come in and help;

You are not naturally organized, organizing doesn’t bring you joy (like it does me!) and/or you don’t think your processes will be as effective;

You are very organized but have that one area that you cannot breakthrough the disorganization.

You are looking for a "body double" as in someone to shadow you while you work because that will hold you to account.


virtual services

This method is for you if:

You're looking for online business management services

You aren’t comfortable with people coming into your home;

You’re contagious (cold, COVID or anything in between);

You live more than 60 miles away from me;

You want to be the doer and need an accountability buddy to go through the motions with you;

You’re budget conscious and are looking for a way to have it all!


additional services

moving services

seasonal services

personal assistant services